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International Child Development Initiatives
International Child Development Initiatives is small and extensive, international and local, academic and practical. We are pledged to improve the lives of boys and girls all over the world and we believe that families and communities are key to realising that promise. Working with partners from Nepal to Nicaragua we use local knowledge, international funding, expertise and friendship to strengthen our work. By detecting new social trends we pinpoint areas of need and create tailor-made strategies to inspire change. Our objectives are to develop talent and build independence; to give children and young people the confidence to speak out, and their communities the skills to listen and help. With honesty and good humour we are relentlessly ambitious for the people we work with. And like the family we believe ourselves to be, we are loyal, loving and sometimes challenging.
Latest news
Belarus: Training on how to support parents

From 28 July to 1 August 2014 ICDI's Bep van Sloten and Mathijs Euwema gave a well received training in Mogilev, Eastern Belarus, for 20 social workers and psychologists on how to support and advice parents in matters of childrearing. This training is part of a project implemented by SOS Children Villages (www.sos-villages.by) called "School for Parents" with funding from the EU. ICDI will provide a follow-up training next year and will also organize a studyvisit to The Netherlands for the experts from Belarus.

Combating child marriage on top of our agenda

ICDI and partners fight child marriages in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Girls married off early, often to older men, is an insidious problem that continues to plague many countries around the world. ICDI, in a consortium with Dutch organizations Kinderpostzegels and The Hunger Project, has received an extra grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to combat child marriages.
Using proven strategies like keeping girls in school longer, public awareness raising, increasing work opportunities for young women,  we together with our partners Bedari in Pakistan, CWIN in Nepal and SDS in Bangladesh will be able to safeguard more girls in more communities from being married early.


TOY Toolkit now online!
09-07-2014 Do you work in early childhood care and education, in primary education, or social care for older people, or in community care? Are you interested in finding out more about intergenerational learning involving young children and older people? Would you like to facilitate a training workshop for practitioners or volunteers about intergenerational learning involving young children and older people? If the answer of any of these questions is ‘yes’- then the Together Old and Young (TOY) Toolkit is a useful resource for you! Click here to go to the TOY website and download the TOY Toolkit: http://www.toyproject.net/#!toy-toolkit/cr88

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