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International Child Development Initiatives
International Child Development Initiatives is small and extensive, international and local, academic and practical. We are pledged to improve the lives of boys and girls all over the world and we believe that families and communities are key to realising that promise. Working with partners from Nepal to Nicaragua we use local knowledge, international funding, expertise and friendship to strengthen our work. By detecting new social trends we pinpoint areas of need and create tailor-made strategies to inspire change. Our objectives are to develop talent and build independence; to give children and young people the confidence to speak out, and their communities the skills to listen and help. With honesty and good humour we are relentlessly ambitious for the people we work with. And like the family we believe ourselves to be, we are loyal, loving and sometimes challenging.
Latest news
Event: Speak out for Girl Power!
23-11-2015 Investing in girls and young women works! We invite all those working on the empowerment of women to join us at the event Speak Out for Girl Power (10 December 2015, Zuiderkerk Amsterdam), the celebration of five years of the Girl Power Programme. Many of the girls and young women with and for whom we work look at brighter futures than their mothers and older sisters. It is especially for those millions of other girls and young women that we invite you to join forces for the day and reflect with us on bigger, braver and more effective steps towards realising rights for all girls and young women.
De Internationale Dag voor de Rechten van het Kind – ook voor asielzoekerskinderen
20-11-2015 Op 20 november, de Internationale Dag voor de Rechten van het Kind roepen 158 organisaties op tot kindvriendelijke opvang voor gevluchte kinderen in Nederland. De organisaties hebben hun krachten gebundeld en verzoeken de Nederlandse regering zich te houden aan het VN-Kinderrechtenverdrag. Dit verdrag beschouwt asielzoekerskinderen in de eerste plaats als kind. Een kind met dezelfde rechten als ieder ander kind in het land. Maar de huidige opvang van deze kinderen is in meerdere opzichten niet toereikend.
Week against Child Abuse
16-11-2015 'There is only one person needed to stop child abuse', which is one of the central slogans during the week against child abuse. According to the Task Force for child abuse, victims often can designate one person who broke the circle of violence for them. Child abuse is not just physical violence, there are many other forms, such as the most common: emotional or physical neglect. In addition, a child has an ongoing shortage of positive attention, because the needs for love, warmth and security are ignored

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