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International Child Development Initiatives
International Child Development Initiatives is small and extensive, international and local, academic and practical. We are pledged to improve the lives of boys and girls all over the world and we believe that families and communities are key to realising that promise. Working with partners from Nepal to Nicaragua we use local knowledge, international funding, expertise and friendship to strengthen our work. By detecting new social trends we pinpoint areas of need and create tailor-made strategies to inspire change. Our objectives are to develop talent and build independence; to give children and young people the confidence to speak out, and their communities the skills to listen and help. With honesty and good humour we are relentlessly ambitious for the people we work with. And like the family we believe ourselves to be, we are loyal, loving and sometimes challenging.
Latest news
ICDI and Stories from the Girl Power Project
19-08-2015 The past five years, ICDI and local partner Shariatpur Development Society (SDS) have been working together on the Girl Power Project. Plan International produced a booklet named 'Wind of Change; Stories from Girl Power Project'. It contains short stories from young girls who benefited from the Girl Power Project.
CWIN, ICDI's partner In Nepal, support 54,000 children and their families in last two months
28-06-2015 After the disastrous earthquake of 25 April 2015 in Nepal CWIN, ICDIs partner organisation in the country, immediately started to support the thousands of victims. Through friends and family, and their friends and family, we managed to receive many donations in NL which were directly transferred to strengthen the efforts of CWIN, Below you can find a small report of the momumental achievements of CWIN in the past two months. Over 54,000 children and 15,000 families were reached in the worst hits areas.
New ICDI research indicates: a quarter of young children in South Africa face psychosocial problems
22-06-2015 Today, 22 June 2015, in Johannesburg the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, Khululeka and ICDI jointly launched the first report of findings of the UPSI-5 in South Africa to an audience of policy makers, practitioner organisations, NGOs funding organisations and teacher trainers. There was a unanimous call for much attention to be paid to the psychosocial development of young children. Results from the research undertaken in three provinces of South Africa, involving more than 2,000 five year old children, suggest that as much as a quarter of these children face psychosocial problems. Early indications are that poverty seems just one of the causal factors, as figures for psychosocial problems are spread over different socio-economic groups. The full research report can be downloaded below.

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