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International Child Development Initiatives
International Child Development Initiatives is small and extensive, international and local, academic and practical. We are pledged to improve the lives of boys and girls all over the world and we believe that families and communities are key to realising that promise. Working with partners from Nepal to Nicaragua we use local knowledge, international funding, expertise and friendship to strengthen our work. By detecting new social trends we pinpoint areas of need and create tailor-made strategies to inspire change. Our objectives are to develop talent and build independence; to give children and young people the confidence to speak out, and their communities the skills to listen and help. With honesty and good humour we are relentlessly ambitious for the people we work with. And like the family we believe ourselves to be, we are loyal, loving and sometimes challenging.
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Fight against Child Marriage video Bedari ICDI
07-10-2015 Every three seconds, somewhere in the world a girl is forced to marry when she still is a child, most of the time with a much older man. Child Marriages are a form of abuse, with lifelong consequences for the victims. The impact on girls is enormous. They cannot go to school, often have to deal with domestic violence and have children when they are too young. The subject of child brides is currently even more on the agenda in response to the news that Syrian child brides have applied for asylum in the Netherlands. ICDI is fighting Child Marriages for the last five years within the Girl Power Program, together with local partners in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan and Sierra Leone. Our partner Bedari from Pakistan made this video showing our joint effort in the battle against Child Marriage. Watch it on YouTube ICDI TV
Minister Lilianne Ploumen and princess Mabel van Oranje speak out against Child Marriage!
06-10-2015 On Wednesday 7 October 2015, a full day expert meeting on child marriage will take place. Through the Prevention of Child Marriage Call in 2014, four Dutch alliances received funding to strengthen existing programmes on prevention of Child Marriage. Together with Stichting Kinderpostzegels and The Hunger Project, ICDI forms one of those alliances 'Ineens geen kind meer' (suddenly no longer a child). Lilianne Ploumen (Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) has taken leadership to put extra international effort to stop child, early and forced marriage. Because of the strong political engagement of the Dutch ministry, and the need to keep this political momentum going, it is of importance that the alliances showcase their lessons learned, what works and what doesn’t, and to communicate evidence based results. ICDI's Director Mathijs Euwema will explain and show a video together with Margaret Kernan about the experiences of ICDI with the project.
Gardens of Eve; nature against violence in Palestine
29-09-2015 Together with the Early Childhood and Family Development Trust, International Child Development Initiatives worked on the project “Foundation for the Future,” funded by the European Commission. Together, we began to explore the possibility of bringing Palestine children in closer contact with nature in their daily lives at preschool and school, to support the healthy development of children growing up in what can only be characterized as violent circumstances. Our work in Palestine is highlighted in international Wonder magazine. You can download the PDF beneath the picture

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