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International Child Development Initiatives
International Child Development Initiatives is small and extensive, international and local, academic and practical. We are pledged to improve the lives of boys and girls all over the world and we believe that families and communities are key to realising that promise. Working with partners from Nepal to Nicaragua we use local knowledge, international funding, expertise and friendship to strengthen our work. By detecting new social trends we pinpoint areas of need and create tailor-made strategies to inspire change. Our objectives are to develop talent and build independence; to give children and young people the confidence to speak out, and their communities the skills to listen and help. With honesty and good humour we are relentlessly ambitious for the people we work with. And like the family we believe ourselves to be, we are loyal, loving and sometimes challenging.
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TOY Pilot Actions Findings

Over 4 months during 2014 community groups supported by TOY project researchers ran 13 pilot actions in 5 countries.

Working on the conviction that intergenerational learning can improve relationships between the very young and older people a variety of community building projects were established.


In Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands young children and older community members joined together to meet, eat, make things, sing and dance together.


The results were educational and very positive.



ICDI zoekt twee nieuwe bestuursleden (vrijwillig)
20-01-2015 In verband met het vertrek van twee bestuursleden zijn we op zoek naar enthousiaste nieuwe bestuursleden. We hebben daarvoor twee functieprofielen opgesteld. Belangstellenden kunnen middels een begeleidende email en een cv hun interesse kenbaar maken bij mathijs@icdi.nl Voor meer informatie, klik hier. Read more...
Education Matters, especially for girls!

 ICDI is happy to announce that alongside Ethiopian NGOs, ESD and Hiwot, we will be working in the country's Amhara Region for the next 2 years improving girls access to and retention in primary and secondary schools. A host of socio-economic and school-based factors keep girls from completing their education, so the project’s major focus will be to introduce an innovative strategy to combat school drop-out in 10 kebeles (communities) in Ethiopia.


The intervention will reach at least 2000 girls in Amhara Region, within the project duration of 24 months.


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